Les Fromageries Occitanes

A more than 50 year old Roquefort brand, La Pastourelle still exists thanks to the investment of a few breeders, united in a co-operative. Direct sales of Roquefort La Pastourelle at the Fromageries Occitanes in Lauras.

Lauras, 12250 Roquefort-sur-Soulzon
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 59 90 34

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La Ferme du Marigot

La ferme du Marigot welcomes visitors on Thursdays at 3 pm, for a discovery of organic farming and tasting (July and August). Visit with comments by the farmers, animations for children.

La Ferme du Marigot
Sourbins, 12270 La Fouillade
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 65 77 43

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Goûtez La Châtaigne - Marrons de l'Aveyron

Bienvenue à la ferme

Nestled between the Truyère and the foothills of Carladez, in a preserved nature, the chestnut grove of Chantal and Jean-François Clermont has regained its colours to excite your taste buds with products with plain or sweet flavours (chestnuts, chestnut cream, chestnut flour and liqueur). Take note all gourmets...

Goûtez La Châtaigne
Seyrolles, 12140 St-Hippolyte
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 66 13 65

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GAEC des Fleurines

On this sheep farm situated in Roquefort sur Soulzon the ewes graze on the slopes of the Combalou with its famous caves and fleurines (natural cracks that ventilate the caves and allow a slow maturing of the cheese).

GAEC des Fleurines
Lauras Chemin de Médéric, 12250 Roquefort-sur-Soulzon
Telephone : 33 (0)6 47 60 63 72

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La ferme de Bouyrissac- Confitures

Sale of fruit, vegetables and meat Cécile and Patrick welcome you in summer on the high platform of Lévézou at more than 800 m altitude, at their dairy cows farm and red fruit production.

GAEC de Bouyrissac
Bouyrrissac, 12620 St-Laurent-de-Lévézou
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 61 81 10

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Ostrich breeding: circuit and commentary about the farm, the production and processing of ostriches. Traditional breeding of fattened ducks, production and processing of ducks.

EARL de La Légrie
La Légrie, 12270 Najac
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 29 70 57

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Le Clos d'Edouard

Sales and tasting at the "Ferme d'Ardennes" of jams with forgotten flavours: traditional fruit and little known or wild fruit, flower jams, vegetable garden flavours...

Le Clos d'Edouard
Ardennes, 12430 Ayssènes
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 46 03 56

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Le Verger des Elfes

We breed Comtoise draught mares, produce organic mare's milk and sell a whole range of beauty products (hygiene and care) and dietary supplements based on mare's milk.

Le verger des Elfes
Campredon, 12250 Tournemire
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 58 12 06

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Alice Ricard's dairy farm

1) guided visit of the farm and discussion over a slice of Roquefort and a glass of local wine. 2) Commentated tasting of Roquefort married to a particularly recommended wine, introduction to the subtleties and aromas of the "King of cheeses", sheep's milk specialties, recipes and preparation advice.

Hermilix, 12400 Versols-et-Lapeyre
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 99 06 46

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Ferme du Frayssinet

Farm: 1) guided visit of the farm and discussion over a slice of Roquefort and a glass of local wine. 2) guided visit of the farm with a snack with Rocquefort, a sheep's milk dessert, a cake, home-made jams and drinks.

Le Frayssinet, 12230 Ste-Eulalie-de-Cernon
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 62 76 19

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La Ferme Lou Brenac

La Ferme Lou Brenac offers 3 types of cheese: the Tomme de Brenac, the Laguiole AOC fermier and the Brenacous.

La Ferme Lou Brenac
Brenac, Graissac, 12420 Argences-en-Aubrac
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 66 47 15 - 33 (0)6 85 71 52 46

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La Ferme de La Roselle

La Roselle is a family business set in the heart of the Ségala, producing cows' milk cheese, aligot and truffade. You can buy direct from the farm every morning and also on the many local markets (see website for details). Open all year round.

La Roselle
Cruorgues La Bastide l'Eveque, 12200 Le Bas-Ségala
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 65 55 11

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La Ferme de Jacques CARLES

2 toques

Farm specialised in the rearing of ducks: visits of the conserverie, tasting of products and on-site sales: foies gras, confits, rillettes... Exhibitions of old copper pots. Possibility of meals at "la Table Paysanne" by prior arrangement.

le bourg, 12200 Monteils
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 29 62 39

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GAEC de la Cépède

Close to Saint Rome de Tarn, free visits by appointment of a farm rearing sheep and ducks for meat. Visits to the sheep barn, the poultry pens and the duck force feeding building. Farm shop. Motorhome parking area.

GAEC de la Cépede
Les Axous, 12490 St-Rome-de-Tarn
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 62 36 66

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Coopérative Fromagère Jeune Montagne

Free visits and tastings. At the heart of the Aubrac, Jeune Montagne offer visits of its "fromagerie" and the fabrication of the AOC Laguiole cheese. Open every day of the year.

La Borie Neuve, 12210 Laguiole
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 44 35 54

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Ferme Félix Gourmand

Here you can visit a traditional duck breeder's farm, close to Prévinqières (take the road towards Rignac on leaving the village). Open every day in summer, and by reservation out of season. Group visits by prior apppointment. The visit is accessible by all.

Visite de la ferme Félix Gourmand
Félix, 12350 Prévinquières
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 81 97 02

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La ferme de Dilhac

Free visits of the Ferme Bio (organic farm). The animals in their setting and the production techniques of dairy products and charcuterie.

La ferme de Dilhac
Dilhac, 12600 Lacroix-Barrez
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 66 19 78

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Aveyron and Ségala veal breeders who invite you to visit their farms in summer when the veals are drinking. Appointment necessary. The visits are free. The breeders welcome you from 5.30 pm. Information and visit of the farm IRVA 05 65 73 78 04Pierre BASTIDELA MAYNOBE12240 RIEUPEYROUXRégis DALMIERESLA GARDELLE12440 LA SALVETAT PEYRALESThierry DELBRUELPUECHMONTARD12440 LA SALVETAT PEYRALESChristian MARUEJOULSLE CUSSOU12240 RIEUPEYROUX

Interprofession Régionale du Veau d'Aveyron, 12026 Rodez
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 73 78 04

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Safranière des Privats

Safranière des Privats : saffron and saffron products of the Larzac. Saffron producer since 2010. Hand crafted saffron products: saffron syrup, saffron salt, saffron vinegar, saffron tea, saffron jam, saffron mustard etc...

Safranière des Privats
Les Privats, 12100 La Roque-Ste-Marguerite
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 58 12 45 - 33 (0)5 65 62 80 28

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EQUIDERMA is the brand name for French cosmetic products and organic dietary supplements made using Mare's milk. We produce organic Mare's milk.

La Combe de Roqueblanque, 12400 Calmels-et-le-Viala
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 49 16 44

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Ferme du Camp Grand

Near the castle of Taurines, come and see the ducks that grow in the fields. Edith and Patrick Gaubert welcome you and present their work as farmers. You will discover their production of fat ducks, foie gras, confits, stuffed necks... Member "Bienvenue à la ferme"

Ferme du Camp Grand
Camp Grand, 12120 Centrès
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 46 70 42

Réservation en ligne

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La Ferme de Pinet

Discover raw ewe's milk They are in the field every day and produce 100% natural milk. You will find it in the city centre of Millau : dairy store Lou Pastrou, the cheese shop Halles, le Buron and au Comptoir Paysan, Centre Leclerc and Super U.

Ferme de Pinet
Le Faubourg, 12640 La Cresse
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 59 40 69

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GAEC Grau & Barrau - Chez Paulette

Francis Grau and Guillaume Barrau have set up a breeding farm in the Domaine de Nayac, in the municipality of Saint Rome de Tarn. Besides cattle (Aubrac species), Bayeux pigs have been added to the herd 8 years ago for their taste quality.

Domaine de Nayac, 12490 St-Rome-de-Tarn
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 62 42 13 - 33 (0)9 63 69 56 76

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L'escargot des Sarradelles

In the hamlet of Ferrieu between Flavin and Pont de Salars, Thierry has installed his snail breeding farm for gros gris and petits gris. He breeds, transforms and commercialises them. Guided educational tour by appointment with tasting from mid June to mid September.

L'Escargot des Sarradelles
Ferrieu, 12450 Flavin

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Cabra des Broussailles

Here, rove goats are raised in accordance with Biodynamic and Sylvopasture (wood pasture) principles. Goats' cheeses available for sale at the farm. Free visits by prior appointment. Open all year round.

Coste Peyrouze, 12350 Prévinquières
Telephone : 33 (0)6 40 19 98 70

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La ferme de la Vallée du Jaoul

Deep in the Jaoul Valley, between Murat Chapel and Roumegous Castle, the Enjalbert family raises free range ducks and geese. Come and enjoy this exceptional place and taste the produce made on the farm, like foie gras, pâtés, confits, fritons, rillettes and home made cassoulet. Visits all year round by prior reservation.

Ferme la vallée du Jaoul
Murat, 12440 La Salvetat-Peyralès
Telephone : 33 (0)9 61 06 39 25 - 33 (0)5 65 81 88 74

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The Saffron House

The "Maison Safran" (Saffron House) was brought to life through the encounter of a very special spice, a beautiful location and a passion to achieve the perfect match-up between taste and well-being.

La Maison Safran
Le Clapayrol, 12550 Martrin

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Visite de ferme

Michel, Jérôme, Delphine and Guillaume will be pleased to welcome you and show you their Lacune race sheep farm.

GAEC de la Poulenque, 12170 Réquista
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 46 26 66

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Ferme du Lévézou - Franck Josceran

Spend a pleasant family moment and visit Franck's farm for free and he will present you his job, his productions with much professionalism and a hint of humour...

Les Vialettes du Ram, 12780 Vézins-de-Lévézou
Telephone : 33 (0)6 75 74 99 94

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Saveurs des terres Aubrac

Philippe and Christelle STOUTAH welcome you all year round to their farm where they breed Aubrac cows. The farm is situated in the village of Terrisse and comprises sixty or so Aubrac breeding cows.

Saveurs des terres Aubrac
le bourg, La Terrisse, 12210 Argences-en-Aubrac
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 51 62 70 - 33 (0)6 86 67 32 45

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La Pastourelle

The Roquefort La Pastourelle owes its unique texture to the work of a few dairy sheep breeders united in a co-operative and owners of their refinery cellar. Free visit by appointment.

SCA La Pastourelle
La Plaine, 12400 Montlaur
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 99 83 03 - 33 (0)5 65 99 22 30

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Bienvenue à la ferme

Farm: visits of the farm cheese and milk sheep breeding. Tasting and sales of cheese. Visits in July and August, on Thursdays and Fridays at 4pm. Groups by prior arrangement all year round, contact us.

Blayac, Sévérac-le-Château, 12150 Sévérac-d'Aveyron
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 47 62 91

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Ferme d'Alcas

Visit a farm that breeds dairy ewes and discover agorpastoralism.

Ferme d'Alcas
St-Jean d'Alcas, 12250 St-Jean-d'Alcas-et-St-Paul-des-Fonts
Telephone : 33 (0)6 83 02 82 64

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Ferme des Clauzels en Aubrac

Milk producers for the prodiction of cheese AOC Laguiole by the Coopérative Jeune Montagne and breeders of Aubrac cattle, we propose the discovery of our farm. Guided tours and farm tea time with tasting of Laguiole cheese.

Ferme des Clauzels en Aubrac
Les Clauzels, La Terrisse, 12420 Argences-en-Aubrac
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 51 59 78

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Gaec de la chèvre Blanche (cabécous)

Bienvenue à la ferme

"Caprin" goats farming with 200 goats and 12 suckler cows. Located at 500 m from the Poterie du Don, we make delicious cabécous (goat's cheese).

Gaec de La chèvre Blanche (cabécous)
Cassos, 12140 Le Fel
Telephone : 33 (0)5 65 66 25 49 - 33 (0)6 75 89 58 55

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