Lac de Castelnau-Lassouts


The star of the département’s carp lakes:

  • Lake with an international reputation for carp fishing discovered by Jo Nivers and later by Henri Limouzin, Rod Hutchison, Didier Cottin and Georges Cortay… 
  • First dammed lake on the Lot
  • Max depth 45 m (150 feet)
  • Surface area 263 ha (657 acres)
  • Little daily change in water level
  • Gorge lake (very steep sides)
  • Subject to very significant flood water that impacts on fishing
  • Upstream section of the lake is easily accessible and downstream is steep sided
  • Track suitable for motor vehicles around the lake but its proximity to the lake varies
  • Three sections are open all year for night fishing
  • High density of carp
  • Majority are common carp (average weight 12 kg/26 lbs and up to 25 kg/55 lbs)
  • About 10% are mirror carp (fish of over 25 kg/55 lbs)
  • Fishing is usually done close to the banks of near the bed of the river Lot
  • Local bylaws are in place on the lake (see signs situated on the slipways)
  • Warning, temporary reserve zone in spring where all fishing is forbidden, day and night