Lac de la Jourdanie

La Jourdanie Lake

The lake of turquoise waters:

  • Dammed lake on the river Tarn.
  • Max depth 15 m (50 feet)
  • Surface area 65 ha (162 acres)
  • Easily accessible on the right bank, the left bank requires the use of a boat at times because it is steeper and has no direct vehicular access on the part downstream of the dam
  • Navigation authorised from 15th June to 15th September
  • Daily change in water level can be significant (+/- 2 m/6 feet) as the lake is 100% used for hydroelectricity production.
  • Lake used for night fishing all year round across its whole surface
  • Good density of carp
  • 70% common carp average 6 kg
  • 30% mirror carp average 9 kg
  • Warning, strong presence of signal crayfish that sometimes look resemble real lobsters
  • Temporary reserve zone in spring on the upstream section of the lake where all fishing is forbidden, day and night