Rivière du Lot

The Lot

A river with big surprises:

  • Large river with several beds
  • Max depth 10 m (33 feet)
  • Average width 80 m (264 feet)
  • 60 km of fishing
  • River at times subject to releases of water creating high currents making fishing difficult
  • The banks are quite wild and cluttered in general except near towns and villages
  • little daily change in water level
  • This river remains little frequented by carp anglers and places to fish from are numerous and varied
  • Easy access to certain zones but difficult or impossible in places (vegetation)
  • Night fishing along the whole river all year round
  • Average density of carp
  • 80% mirror carp presenting a significant diversity of scale patterns and average size of 10 kg (max 30 kg)
  • 20% common carp of an average weight of 10 kg
  • Large bream population