Lac de Maury

Maury Lake

The lake that climbs…:

  • Dammed lake in the shape of a V situated on the Selve and the Selvet.
  • Gorges lake situated in the foothills of the Aubrac plateau
  • Max depth 45 m (150 feet)
  • Surface area 167 ha (418 acres)
  • The extremities of the two main arms are relatively shallow (max 10 m/33 feet) and present numerous beaches while the rest of the lake is steeper
  • Access to fishing posts via the bank is often difficult
  • Fishing on the lake is easier from a boat
  • The daily change in water level is of the order of 50 cm
  • The lake is not very frequented by tourists even in the summer period
  • Carp anglers have started to regularly frequent the lake which could pose a problem when the water level is high as the number of useable fishing posts are limited
  • Lake used for night fishing all year round across its whole surface
  • Warning, the lake is at times subject to strong summer storms
  • Good density of carp with specimen now reaching 20 kg or more
  • 60% mirror carp with an average weight of 12 kg
  • 40% common carp with an average weight of around 10 kg
  • Fishing is most often done near the banks but also in the old river beds and where other water sources meet the river (often creating deep pools)
  • Strong presence of signal crayfish
  • Warning, temporary reserve zone in spring where all fishing is forbidden, day and night