Lac de Pareloup

Pareloup Lake

An immense playground:

  • Dammed lake situated on the Lévézou plateau at over 800 m (2600 feet) altitude.
  • Max depth 45 m/150 feet
  • Surface area 1240 ha/3100 acres
  • A few small tributaries flow into the lake (around Salles-Curan)
  • Lake on an undulating plateau with numerous beaches and creeks
  • Very small daily change in water level
  • Lake frequented by pleasure boat users and tourists in the summer
  • Easy access to certain zones but difficult or impossible in places (private property)
  • Lake that is at times subject to very strong winds as situated on a plateau (navigate with care)
  • Lake used for night fishing all year round across its whole surface
  • Average density of carp which move in very mobile shoals
  • 60% mirror carp presenting a significant diversity of scale patterns (high presence of linear, leather and fully scaled)
  • 40% common carp
  • The carp have an average weight of 7 kg and the biggest reach 25 kg
  • Large population of bream and large roach
  • Warning, strong presence of signal crayfish making fishing ineffective on certain nights
  • Warning, temporary reserve zone in spring where all fishing is forbidden, day and night