Lac de Sarrans

Sarrans Lake

A lake made for pioneering: dammed lake on the course of the Truyère.

  • Dammed lake on the course of the Truyère.
  • Gorges lake situated on the foothills of the Aubrac plateau
  • Surface area 1000 ha (2500 acres)
  • Max depth 90 m (300 feet)
  • A long thin lake with a few small branches notably on its upstream third
  • Upstream third quite open and easy to medium access according to the fishing sites
  • The 2/3 downstream are far steeper and difficult to access from the banks making the use of a boat necessary
  • slight daily change in water level and water level often low the end of the season
  • Wild lake with very few tourists
  • Lake used for night fishing all year round across its whole surface
  • Very little carp activity making fishing difficult but as the lake is under exploited some surprises can be had
  • Size of the carp population unknown but according to predator anglers who often fish the lake, there are some very large fish hiding in its waters
  • It seems that the best time to fish is in the spring when the fish migrate towards the cooler zones mainly situated upstream
  • Warning, temporary reserve zone in spring where all fishing is forbidden, day and night