Rivière du Dourdou

The Dourdou

The Aveyron’s mini mountain stream

  • It takes it source in the Monts de Lacaune
  • It has no dams which release sudden amounts of water
  • It is classified as a 1st category river for its fish life
  • Length of river
  • Average river width is 10 m (33 feet) and the average depth is 50 cm
  • The river is made up of a succession of large slow flats, ledges and pools
  • Access is relatively easy on the left bank because a road more or less follows the course of the river
  • Fishing from the banks is easy
  • Classed as private property, you must have the owner’s permission to cross their property
  • The density of brown trout on this river is significant and fish size is 25/30 cm (max 45 cm)
  • Fishing techniques that can be used are float, fly and all types of lure fishing
  • This is not an early river and is subject to significant drops in water level
  • Best time for fishing is from April to June