Rivière du Durzon

The Durzon

A gem reserved for experienced anglers

  • This river is a tributary of the Dourbie into which it flows at Nant
  • Its total length is 7 km
  • It is a river fed by a resurgence (the largest in the département), the temperature of the water is therefore almost constant throughout the year (early fishing and good results possible in the summer)
  • It has no dams which release sudden amounts of water
  • It is a river flowing through limestone that experiences sudden increases in water level due to heavy rain (spring and autumn)
  • It is classified as a 1st category river for its fish life
  • Length of river
  • Average river width is 5 m (16 feet) and the average depth is 1 metre (3 feet)
  • The river is made up of a succession of ledges and flat currents
  • Access to the banks is relatively easy because a road runs along the left bank
  • The banks are steep with thick vegetation which often means fishing from the water
  • Classed as private property, you must have the owner’s permission to cross their property
  • The density of brown trout on this river is exceptional but the average fish size is 25/30 cm (max 50 cm)
  • Fishing is relatively difficult due to the clearness of the water and the thick vegetation on the banks
  • Fishing techniques that can be used are float, fly and all types of lure fishing