Lac de Golinhac


The herbarium of the Lot valley


  • 2nd biggest dammed lake in the Lot valley of a longitudinal shape.
  • Surface area 41 ha/102 acres
  • Max depth 30 m/99 feet
  • Rises in water level can be significant and influence fishing
  • Easily accessible along 2/3 upstream (road and track suitable for motor vehicles), the bed is relatively uncluttered apart from the aquatic plant habitat at the edges and of a maximum depth of 14 m/46 feet
  • The third downstream is far more difficult to access because the lake enters the steep sided gorges (some access points on the right bank)
  • A boat is necessary to correctly prospect this part of the lake
  • Predator fish present: perch, zander, wels catfish and pike
  • Perch are present in medium numbers of an average size of 20-25 cm but certain reach a kilo
  • Zander are well established and it is not rare to catch fish of over 70 cm However the average size is small (40 cm)
  • Wels catfish have been present for ten years or so and have started reaching respectable sizes (180 cm) but hte population remains average
  • The pike population is small but excellent examples hide in the lake's aquatic plant environment (over a metre...)
  • Warning, temporary reserve zone in spring on the upstream section of the lake where all fishing is forbidden