Lac de Pinet


The turquoise waters of the Raspes du Tarn

  • 1st dammed lake situated on the Tarn, it is subject to significant increases in water level in the spring and above all in autumn making fishing impossible at times.
  • Very wild lake on its downstream section, change of scenery guaranteed!!!
  • Maximum depth 25m/82 feet (in the middle of the gorges and not at the dam…)
  • Surface area 130 ha/325 acres
  • Lake open on the upstream part until Mas de Lanauq with a deepest depth of 12m/40 feet uncluttered apart from the edges of the Tarn river bed
  • Downstream from Mas de Lanauq, the very pronounced gorges make fishing from the bank impossible (boat necessary to access the rare fishing posts)
  • Daily change in water level can be significant (+/- 2 m/6 feet) as the lake is 100% used for hydroelectricity production.
  • Predator fish present: perch, zander and pike
  • Fishing in mid-season is dependant on the weather because the water in the lake cools very quickly and becomes clearer which makes fishing more difficult
  • Perch are generally around 25 cm but at certain times of the year it is not uncommon to come across shoals of fish of 30/35 cm
  • Zander measure 50 cm on average and are present in average numbers Some fish reach 90 cm
  • Pike are not very present and capturing remains anecdotic (despite the local AAPPMA’s efforts to re-stock)
  • Temporary reserve zone in spring on the upstream section of the lake where all fishing is forbidden