Rivière du Rance

The Rance

A river for beginners or for practice

  • it takes it source in the Monts de Lacaune
  • It has no dams which release sudden amounts of water
  • It is classified as a 2nd category river for its fish life
  • Water levels can be very low in summer
  • Length of river
  • Average river width is 20 m/66 feet and the average depth is 80 cm/3 feet
  • The river is made up of a succession of large slow flats and sills (some dry areas are present)
  • Access to the banks is average because the vegetation is abundant and the banks are steep
  • Fishing is done in the water most of the time because of the significant river vegetation but presents no particular difficulties as the river is not very deep as a whole
  • Classed as private property, you must have the owner’s permission to cross their property
  • This No Kill river is an introductory water course with regular fish stocking through to the summer
  • Fishing techniques that can be used are float and fly
  • Summer period is to be avoided for fishing
  • Significant non predator fish population