Lac de villefranche-de-Panat


A poor and capricious lake

  • Dammed lake situated on the Alrance water course on the Lévézou plateau.
  • Surface area 178 ha/445 acres
  • Max depth 25 m/82 feet
  • Plateau lake with some bays and numerous sandy beaches
  • The bed is free from obstacles
  • The lake is subject to slight daily difference is water level (+/- 50 cm)
  • Access for fishing on the banks is easy and enables you to fish from numerous posts
  • Fishing from boats is authorised and enables fishing correctly further out
  • Predator fish present: perch, zander and pike
  • The perch population is small with fish measuring 20 cm on average
  • Zander are present in number with an average caught size of 50 cm.
  • There are not many pike and their capture remains anecdotal