Rieupeyroux, founded in 1030

The initial centre, a sauveté (or place of exile), was founded in 1030 by the powerful Benedictine abbey Saint-Martial de Limoges on ancient seigniorial grounds of the Ségala

Its visit will enable you to discover an orthogonal urban layout that holds civil vestiges from the Middle Ages: arcades in place du Gitat, timber framed houses, Griffoul fountain. Walking through the small narrow streets you will arrive at church Saint-Martial, listed as a Historic Monument. Rebuilt in the 14th century, the building, due to its defensive aspect, is one of the rare and most remarkable examples of fortified architecture in southern France.


For holidays in the countryside

In Rieupeyroux, you rediscover the simple things in life. You will be able to make the most of your holiday rediscovering the pleasures of the countryside walking the footpaths or following the trails in the saddle or on horse back. You will be delighted by the local products when visiting the farms of the Ségala where you can learn and chat while enjoying a tasty snack. It’s the perfect place for family holidays.



Go and visit the small village of Pradinas, this is where you will find the Agricultural Traditions of the Ségala Museum and the animal park where you can see wild animals on foot or from the back of a donkey.

 The bastide of Sauveterre-de-Rouergue is only a few miles away. It is a dreamy place where you will discover artistic artisans.