Villeneuve arcade

One town, two histories

Two histories are found in Villeneuve: that of the sauveté built around its church in 1053 and that of the bastide developed by the Count of Toulouse, Raymond VII from 1231. This is the reason for the town’s rather special architecture.

Villeneuve d'Aveyron

Intact mediaeval village

One enters Villeneuve through one of the four tower gateways, two of which have remained intact. Strolling through the narrow streets you will appreciate the typical bastide architecture and regular street plan. You will inevitably come to the central square, la place des Conques. This is where time stands still and one admires the Renaissance and middle age houses with their rib vaulted arcades. Perhaps you will be surprised by the architecture of Saint-Sépulcre church: in fact, in the 14th century, the apse of the Romanesque building was destroyed to build a far more luminous Gothic nave.

Visit Villeneuve

Villeneuve d'Aveyron

During your stay:

Visit the Musée des arts et savoirs populaires

Museum of popular skills and arts where thousands of objects retrace the history of, amongst other things, artisan trades.
Visit the Musée des arts et savoirs populaires

Take part in the village’s mediaeval festival

Every last Sunday in July, Villeneuve lives out a day in mediaeval times with a superb close to the day with a fire show.

Peyrusse le Roc

Not far away

The pre-Romanesque church of Toulongergues

5 km from Villeneuve, the church of Toulongergues houses frescoes from the 11th century.
Visit the Eglise de Toulongergues


Stroll through the small village nestling in lush green countryside and climb the rocky peak leading to the ruins of Peyrusse and its superb viewpoint.